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PICC Monthly Newsletter September 2016
  PICC  Monthly Newsletter  
September 2016
                   ** Important Technical Update **

We've been making some improvements to our online presence, and have transferred to a new domain server. A glitch with the old server caused an issue with incoming emails (part of the reason we made the change), but we were able to recover all messages except for 3-4 days.

We pride ourselves on getting back to all inquiries right away, so if you have sent an email to info@getPICCed and are still waiting on a reply, please resend your email and we will respond immediately. 

Promoting Advanced Work Packaging throughout North America

 Calgary, Alberta - Douglas Hill introducing WorkFace               Planning as a career path to the Civil Engineering Technology     Club at SAIT.

 Advanced Work Packaging was a concept new to this group,         but they were very interested in how a career in planning,             using  this Best Practice, could lead to management and               executive  management positions over the course of their             professional  careers. The key to getting started, Doug stressed,  is field  experience.

Exton, Pennsylvania - PICC was also invited to present to the Construction Board of Advisors at Bentley Systems, where we promoted our certifications as an integral part of adopting Advanced Work Packaging in the industry. PICC was pleased to participate in breakout sessions and discussions regarding how to advance implementation by all stakeholders.

PICC has also had presentations in Edmonton, Houston, Toronto, Hamilton, and New Orleans over the past 3 months. We are working hard to get Advanced Work Packaging as Best Practice, and PICC Professionals as the recognized standard, in front of owners, vendors, associations, labour organizations, and other critical stakeholders. 

October and November will see us continuing this aggressive push to promote the adoption of AWP, and the recognition of PICC Planners as the best choice to implement this model on projects.

Our Official Advisory Board

The Mission of the Board is to ensure ethical and transparent processes for members, potential members, clients and partners, and to advance the successful adoption of the AWP Model and Progressive Industrial Construction Certifications.

PICC has been actively recruiting highly experienced and invested individuals from sectors relevant to Advanced Work Packaging and professional development.  We are pleased to announce that we now have representation from multiple technology vendors, vocational training and education institutions, experts in process and best practice implementation, and experienced WFP construction leaders.

If you feel you have a background and experience level that would be beneficial to our development, and would like an active role in guiding PICC's evolution, please send a request through to: for consideration.

To see our current Advisory panel, go to: Advisory Board

PICC Progressive Memberships from Around the World

PICC now has membership groups representing:

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi, Belgium, Dubai, Western Australia, and the Philippines. 

Spread the word - PICC is a Global Certification service, advancing AWP and WorkFace Planning wherever Industrial Construction Projects are found.


This Month's Suggested Discussion Board Topic:

"Tell Me Something I Didn't Know"

We've all heard the story - about a truck driver who was driving cross country and stopped dead when the tractor trailer got stuck underneath a low bridge. The traffic behind the truck quickly backed up because the truck could not move. Eventually the police arrived and looked for ideas to ‘un-stick’ the trailer to no avail. Finally a child in one of the cars from the traffic back-up asked “Why don’t they just let the air out of the tires?”......

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Advanced Work Packaging and effective WorkFace Planning. No matter how experienced you are, or good at what you do, there is always a chance someone else has a better idea, or knows something you don't. Working together to come up with the best solutions should be the goal of every project team member.

Do you have any stories of innovative solutions or approaches that came out of collaborative efforts with your team? 

Get in on the discussionDiscussion Forum

Stay Informed on the latest AWP Trends and PICC Updates

Social Media is a powerful tool to expand your network and keep you up to date on the latest happenings in your industry. Connect with us through the following platforms, and do your part to promote the PICC brand:




Continuing Education for Career Advancement

As you move through the progressive levels in becoming a PICC professional, you will want to grow your management and leadership skills. Many new planners will be inexperienced in dealing directly with project management and executive levels, or with bringing various departments into one room and coordinating a solution. The PICC professional development program will help direct you to approved courses and training to help fill those gaps. 

Look for Stage 2 of our Professional Development program over the next few months as we audit courses and certificate programs that are available in the marketplace. We want ensure the requirements we set in place for our  Level 2,3, and 4 professionals will result in the highly qualified and experienced individuals that the PICC brand represents.


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